Knock Knock, Foreign Exchange is There On Your Doorsteps

Tourist destinations in India are always favorite for any travel loving person around the globe.At the same time, flying abroad for having some fun is not at all impossible for an average Indian citizen.As per the records,a resident Indian spends 12-15 days on his/her foreign trip and It definitely involve an amount of money. But, without converting your Indian Rupee into the foreign currency of the nation to where you wish to go, how will you be able to spend it ? This is exactly where you need the help of an experienced service provider like us. Unimoni can help you to make an easy, transparent and affordable foreign currency exchange from Vijayawada.

Easy and Fast methods

The procedures can be completed in an astonishing speed. You can initiate the procedures without going through the usual formalities of account opening. You can make the total money exchange in cash if it does not exceed 50000 INR. Online methods or cheque is (preferred) mandatory for transactions above this limit and always keep an eye on these essential KYC documents,

  • Photo attested ID card ( Aadhar/Driving License/Voter ID )
  • PAN card (According to requirement)
  • Indian Passport

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    More updated, More Easier,More authentic

    It is common for someone to go with their usual banking partners for currency exchanges. But, there is no need to stand in a long line when you have more updated ways for money exchange. When service providers like Unimoni can bring our services to your doorsteps, why always go with the outdated methods ? You have to be so careful in deciding your partner since currency exchanges operates under the strict guidelines of RBI. Unimoni is the first company in India to get an AD-2 category license to make International Money Transactions and Thus it is the most trusted and experienced. With a number of reputed partners all around the world Unimoni can absolutely satisfy your concerns about safety and transparency in Foreign Currency exchange from Vijayawada.

    Assured with the best exchange rates

    By definition,currency exchange is the conversion of one currency into anotherat a specific rate known as the foreign exchange rate.Whether it is Euro, Dollar, Yen or Franc, Unimoni will make sure that you gets the best exchange rate compared to the continuous fluctuations in mid market rates. You will only be charged with an affordable and flexible service fee. You will be completely free from any hidden mark ups and the payment will be completely transparent.Which means, Unimoni is the best option for you in foreign currency exchange from Vijayawada.

    The opportunities are unlimited with Unimoni for Foreign Money Exchange from Vijayawada.Take your phone, make a dial and our service will be there on your doorsteps.So don’t be late, you are already got close to it.

    You cannot complete any foreign money purchase transactions without having a PAN card.

    You can also use our facilities of prepaid multi-Currency card for paying through (OPS) POS and can avoid the hurdles of carrying money in your wallet.

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