International Money Transfer has historical importance in our national economy. Now the world has emerged into the most updated methods of international travel. whether it is to have better education, better medical care or better business opportunities, sending money abroad is also a part of it. Here we wish to join hands with you offering the complete guidelines and help that you need when going for an international money transfer from Vijayawada.


The first thing comes to your mind after deciding to send some money abroad is running towards your bank. Lack of awareness about the new methods or distrust on other service providers or even the tendency to follow the old methods may be the reason. But listen, it is time to get rid of the outdated methods of long ques and paper works in this age of internet revolution. As an AD-2 licensed service provider which operates under the guidelines of RBI with good experience in international money transactions from Vijayawada, we can assure you the complete transparency and authenticity of your transaction with easy to understand procedures.

How is it done ?

All you need to do is to make a call to our nearest office, where you have the options to make it a video call from our official website.Our experts will be there on your doorsteps with a lightening speed. PAN card is essential since PAN card is made a mandatory document since 2018 according to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI. And there are some other documents you need to be taken care of,

  • Photo Attested ID Card (Adhar/Driving License/Voter ID Card)
  • Copy of the passport of the beneficiary
  • Transaction Details of the sender (based on the purpose).

Relationship proof or any other documents may get requested by the provider since RBI has some regulations on the popular purposes of remittance. Medical Needs, Educational needs, gift remittance, emigration, film shooting, etc are some among them.

Is it affordable?

Absolutely yes. With the help of Unimoni, you can actually save your effort, time and your hard earned money. Traditionally banks operates with a number of hidden transaction charges where we only charge a minimum flat fee. we will make the exchange rates completely reasonable according to the market rates no matter where you need to send the money. With renowned partners operates around the world, you will have unlimited opportunities to send money to your desired destination with us.We believe that it will be hard for you to find a provider more reasonable than Unimoni. As the pandemic situation has shattered world economy, no one is free from financial crisis. There is no need to stay numb when any of your loved ones living abroad needs some financial help. It is your duty to give a helping hand. It is our duty to help you with whatever financial services we have.

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