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Emigration is the procedure of people travelling from one country to the other. Usually people immigrate to foreign countries to improve their quality of life. Any person applying for PR in a foreign country has to pay a permanent residency fee, Visa fee for migration and certain deposits to clear the PR Visa. International fund transfers for Emigration or permanent residency can be done at ease now.

Importance of International Money Transfer for Emigration:

International migration has been increasing over the last two decades. The process of emigration is usually time consuming and involves numerous procedures and payments. Hence the requirement for international money transfers for emigration in India is gaining momentum. An individual wanting to migrate to an abroad country can withdraw foreign currency up to the amount prescribed by the country of emigration or USD 250,000. Remittance above this limit may be permitted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) only for meeting incidental expenses in the country of immigration.


Documents Required:

The following are the basic documents required for Emigration Remittances:

  • Retail Outward Remittance Application form – A2 cum LRS Declaration.
  • PAN card copy.
  • Emigration Visa.
  • Passport Copy.

Key Features:

Unimoni can assure you the emigration remittances on time without compromising on any regulatory aspects involved. With the experience and expertise the company can help you in emigration remittance in the most secured manner.

  • Pay fees for Migration as per the AD II license.
  • Quick transfer at unbeatable rates.
  • Send money for migration in a trusted and secured manner.
  • Direct credit to overseas accounts
  • Easy processing with simple documentation.
  • Can process with minimum charges.


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Every month, our customers trust us to move over 100 million of their money. Here are some of the important ways we protect them.

safeguarded with leading bank

Safeguarded with leading bank

We hold your money with established financial institutions. Saudi separate from our own accounts and in our normal course of business not accessible to or partners

Regulated around the world

Regulated around the world

We are regulated by authorities around the world. This includes the FCA in the UK and the FinCEN in the US

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Audited regularly

We make sure your money is secure and that voice is financially stable as we are not a bank your money isn't FSCS protected instead We safeguard it

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Extra secure transactions

We use two factor authentication to protect your account and transactions. That means you - and only you - can get your money

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Data protection

We are committed to keeping your personal data safe. And we are transparent to how we collect process and storage it

Dedicated anti-fraud team

Dedicated anti-fraud team

We were around the clock to keep your account and money protected from even most sophisticated fraud


Customers can book and pay outward remittance within our portal .
Get in touch with us through toll free number: 1800 102 0555 WhatsApp number: 9946086666 or mail at or request a call back to book a send money abroad option. We will call you back to update you regarding all the details.

1. Father (including step-father) 2. Mother (including step-mother)
3. Son (including step-son) 4. Son’s wife
5. Daughter 6. Daughter’s husband
7. Brother (including step-brother) 8. Sister (including step-sister)
9. Husband and Wife. ————————————–


Sending money through wire transfer enables the beneficiary to get credit in his account.

No. The total amount of foreign exchange purchased or remitted through, all sources in India during a financial year should be within the cumulative limit of USD 2,50,000/-

The amount is based LRS limit

Any ID proof of the sender

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