Kolkata, renowned for its literary contribution, colonial monuments, mouth-watering sweets, etc. is populated with people from across the country mainly due to the lucrative cost of living, ideal climate, easy public transport, and much more. Many of the Kolkata residents is aspirant of foreign education and fly abroad for education in foreign universities. Hence many look for easier and faster methods of foreign exchange facilities.

Kolkata, the City of joy is packed with hectic life coupled with sweet delicacies, year-round festivities, the oldest tram with the latest underground metro railway, etc. It houses some of the oldest monuments reminding of the colonial reign of the British. Educational institutions, thriving business hubs, and rich culture have made it the most populous metros. Industries are also thriving with full rigor bringing people from across the globe. Forex Service Company at Kolkata is in high demand but the most important being to find the best and reliable service provider among the crowd of many.

Foreign currency exchange in Kolkata

Buy or sell foreign currency at the best exchange rates. Know all about how or where to exchange foreign currency, what to do with the leftover currency and how much foreign currency can be carried in travel, etc. are some of the queries that often come up while traveling overseas. Get all your doubt cleared in no time.

Nepal money transfer from Kolkata

Demand for Nepal money transfer from Kolkata has exploded in the past few years due to the ‘n’ number of causes. Get all the answers for all queries related to Nepal money transfer here like methods to send money to Nepal, charges for sending it, how to receive money at the counters abroad, and much more.

Send money abroad from Kolkata

Get to know about the most reliable method to send money abroad from Kolkata for overseas University fees, gifting cash, film shoot expenditures, Visa processing fees, or medical treatment expenses etc. Send money through FCDD or Swift transfer through which amount can be sent abroad to be credited to the account or as draft.

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