Easy Steps to Send Money Abroad

Choose Your Desired Currency Amount

Choose Your Desired Currency Amount

Select currency and denomination you need to carry along

Enter Transaction Details

Enter Transaction Details

Enter remittance purpose with remitter and beneficiary details

Make Payment Online

Make Payment Online

Make payment via multiple payment options like debit card, credit card and net banking

KYC anf fulfillment of remittance

KYC and fulfillment of remittance

Transaction complete with receipt of forex order completion at blocked rate

Currency Exchange in Noida with Unimoni

Currency exchange refers to trading one currency for another at a fixed exchange rate. This transaction can be conducted through banks, currency exchange bureaus, or online platforms. The exchange rate is established by the supply and demand for each currency and may change constantly throughout the day.

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    Selling & Buying Currency:

    When you sell/buy currency, you exchange it for another currency at the current exchange rate. You can do this for various reasons, such as going on a trip to a country that uses a different currency, having leftover foreign currency from a previous trip, or needing to pay in another currency. The exchange rate for your currency will differ based on where you choose to make the exchange. Money changers typically offer the best rates than banks, which are convenient.

    Unimoni offers both selling and buying foreign currency at their branches in Noida. You can choose from over 40+ currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, etc.

    Documents Needed:

    • PAN Card (mandatory)
    • Valid Address Proof (Voter ID, Driving License, Passport)
    • Travel documents (for buying foreign currency exceeding limits)

    The documents required for buying/selling currency at Unimoni vary depending on the amount of currency you are exchanging and the purpose of your exchange. It is always best to check with your local Unimoni branch for the latest requirements before you visit.

    Processing Time:

    Depending on the currency and availability, the process usually takes 15-30 minutes at the branch.

    Enjoy Hassle-Free Services From Unimoni!

    1. Visit the Branch

    Locate your nearest Unimoni branch in Noida using their branch locator on the website or Google Maps. Head to your chosen branch during operating hours, Submit Documents and Complete Formalities. Provide the required documents as above and fill out the necessary forms provided by the bank staff, Choose the Buying or Selling Option. Tell the team whether you want to buy or sell foreign currency. Once the formalities are complete, you will receive your desired currency.

    2. Remitforex Website

    Buy or sell currencies online through Unimoni's Remitforex platform. You can pick up the currency at the branch or deliver it home. remitforex is an online platform powered by Unimoni Financial Services Ltd. It caters to various foreign exchange needs in India, particularly Foreign currency exchange. Remitforex offers competitive exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currencies. You can choose from over 40 currencies through their online platform or visit their 300+ branch network across India.

    3. Mobile App

    The Unimoni India app allows you to check real-time Forex rates and conduct Forex transactions online. It is a versatile and convenient tool for managing your finances in India. The Unimoni India app is a user-friendly platform allowing you to quickly exchange foreign currencies from your phone. With this app, you can exchange currencies hassle-free. The app is free for download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

    • PAN Card (mandatory)
    • If you're a new user, you must create an account by providing essential information and verifying your mobile number.
    • Existing users can log in with their registered credentials. Enter the amount of currency you want to buy or sell.
    • The app automatically converts the amount to Indian Rupees using the current exchange rate.
    • Then follow the instructions given there.

    Best Exchange Rates:

    Live Rates: Check the latest buying and selling rates on the Remitforex website or the Unimoni India app.

    Forex Card: Consider a travel card for better rates and easier transactions abroad.

    Additional Points:

    Limits: There are limits on the amount of foreign currency you can buy or sell per year for various purposes like travel, education, etc. Check with Unimoni for more details.

    Charges: Transaction fees and service charges may apply.

    In summary, Unimoni offers convenient options for currency exchange in Noida, both offline and online. Compare rates, check document requirements, and choose the best method for your needs!

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