20+ to do things @ Dubai Shopping Festival 2021, No worries for cash exhaust!!!

Dubai Shopping Festival 2021
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Ever thought of spending Christmas in Dubai, the land of mystic dreams, legends, gold, etc. Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 is all set in a pompous manner to give you a joyous ride like never before.

20+ to do things @ Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

  1. Make your trip all the more rewarding and adoring.
  2. Have a nightly cruise on a traditional wooden dhow
  3. Watch the whirling of the folkloric dance with Tanoura beat
  4. Enjoy the Buffet-style BBQ dinner relishing local & international cuisine
  5. Be a sun lounger at Dubai Marina shoreline or enjoy the water sport
  6. Spend the dusk at the stellar tower of Burj Al Arab,
  7. World’s most impressive tower, mega-tall Burj Khalifa with the dancing fountain
  8. Take a heritage walk through the legendary town of Al Bastakiya,
  9. Explore Dubai Museum to unveil the evolution of Dubai from a fishing village to a megacity
  10. With a plethora of souks, must-visit being the Gold and Spice Souks.
  11. Get a glimpse of the fun at Bedouin traditional village life
  12. You can even get a rare sight of sauntering Arabian Gazelle
  13. Do not forget to get a bumpy camel ride
  14. A magnificent décor for your palm with a henna tattoo
  15. Of course, quad biking or sandboarding is also part of the activity
  16. Watch belly dance and whirling ‘tanoura’ dance shows
  17. Visit the largest shopping & entertainment zone from across the globe
  18. Place in a picturesque location with ideal cool climate to move around
  19. Each interest has an allocated area to look for
  20. Time to shop, dine & get onto thrilling rides all at one place.
  21. Visit the tallest architectural amazement of the world
  22. Get on to the longest lift ride from the ground to the top
  23. Best time to take a selfie on the billion-dollar iconic showpiece
  24. Spa, posh restaurants, high-brand boutiques & much more

That is a really big really of things to be done but all need a bit more than what you expect. Expense is often beyond our capacity to curb, specially when you are traveling in a world of surprising shopping booties and world-famous items. Be it your maiden trip to the land of dreams or repeat visit, or it’s your friend or sister’s visit for DSF 2021, cash often gets exhausted in such instance and that calls for an immediate refill. Now you can send money to Dubai without any hassle thru a Multi-currency travel card.

Still wondering how? Answer is simple …

Enjoy your Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 with no worries about cash limits.

Prepaid Multi-currency travel card is ideal for DSF 2021, more convenient, secure, wide acceptance thru POS machine, online shopping & easy withdrawal. Balance amount in the card could be withdrawn after reaching the home country or reuse when moving to some other country.

Forex Prepaid Multi currency travel card allows reloading of money in the card even if you run out of money due to unexpected shopping or other expenses while on your travel. Reloading can be done instantly within a time span through offline modes. Balance checking facility is all time available for your prepaid multi currency travel card so that you can manage your expenses and make it a budgeted one. You can also reload your card for your next trip until the card gets expired.

How secured is the forex travel card?

  • Provides the highest security with chip and PIN protection
  • A chip embedded and PIN protected
  • A Prepaid Multi currency travel card is designed to prevent card frauds and risks.
How can I use a forex Prepaid Multi currency travel card without a bank account?

Cash is the most important thing on your travel and carrying cash in hand is too risky. If a pickpocket runs an errand or you lose it, your whole journey will be messed up. In such a situation the Prepaid Multi currency travel card plays a big role. Cash can be loaded and used without the fear of getting lost or stolen. The Prepaid Multi currency travel card will be unusable if it reaches the hands of the wrong user which makes it the best co-partner while traveling.

A Prepaid Multi currency travel card is not linked to any bank account which is an added security for every user. If the card is lost or stolen there won’t be any chance of financial loss as the card is not linked to any bank account.

How is the account management system in the travel card?

Travel cards provide online management of your account details with a clear view of your balance and transaction details without missing the security for your account. The statement of the card can be accessed through net banking options. You can even change the PIN of your card for more security through online modes.

How easy and convenient is a forex travel card?
  • Prepaid Multi currency travel card makes your abroad trip more relaxing and comfortable as you need not worry about cash in hand. Your Prepaid Multi currency travel card does the job in a secure and convenient manner, much easier than any other mode of carrying cash.
  • Your Prepaid Multi currency travel card can be used to enjoy leisure, meeting the expenses of business meets, and other expenses without worrying about converting your local currency to host currency.
Get increased shopping opportunities in Dubai Shopping Festival 2021

The most important benefit of travel cards is their option for more shopping opportunities including online shopping. Shopping can be done with no hassle and gives you a comfy shopping experience while you travel abroad.

Make your visit to the world-famous Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 as the bells have already chiming and dates are already flying off.

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