6 Quick-tips for first-timers! Emigration remittance

emigration remittance
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Complete all the hurdles for emigration, These tips will help you to save your time & money. Make Emigration remittance all the easier than before!

Large chunks of people moving out to different countries in search of prosperity, better life, education, self-sufficiency, and more. You are all set with bubbling enthusiasm to relocate and start your life anew. There is a lot more than just booking tickets or getting a job abroad? Are you a first-timer, then a handy guide for you?

10 problems that you might face while planning for emigration!!

  1. Language problem
  2. Employment openings
  3. Accommodation
  4. Access to local services
  5. Carriage concerns
  6. Cultural changes
  7. Raising kids
  8. Biased treatments
  9. Loneliness
  10. Adverse weather condition

What all do you need if you are migrating?

  • Visa or permit to work or study
  • Flight tickets and travel insurance
  • Get the help of an attorney for ever-changing immigration policies
  • Test your English proficiency as the score really matters
  • Ensure your account security rather than falling prey to cybercrime
  • Fetch the purpose for which you are hiving out

Above all these, you have to fulfill the emigration formalities before setting your feet on the flight. Being a first-timer you would be asked to share your visa copy and answer few basic questions on the purpose of your travel being giving the final nod by stamping the VISA approved seal on your passport.

2 Ways to for emigration remittance

You being an applicant for emigration have to pay a non-refundable processing fee for residence permits, citizenship, and visa. This fee is often remitted to overseas agents or consultants through reliable foreign exchange companies. Reserve Bank of India license holder financial institutions are only recommended for sending such amount as

  • FCDD or foreign currency demand draft to be sent to them for overseas bank deposit
  • Send money for immigration fee as Swift transfer to be credited to the overseas bank account

After getting your visa or permit process, make all your must-haves ready.

5 Must-haves for immigration
  • Approved seal on your passport
  • Bio-metric scanning at some countries
  • Immigration visa or permit received
  • An appointment letter might also be required
  • Medical certificate might also be required
4 conditions for emigration remittance
  • Fee remitted to process a residence permit application
  • Fee remitted to process an Icelandic citizenship application
  • Fee remitted to process a visa application
  • Fee remitted to process a passport for foreign nationals and a travel document for refugees
What are the documents required for emigration remittance?
  • Valid KYC docs & Emigration visa.

Equip yourself with all information before setting in for the final day to move out to the land of your dreams.

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