Can I send money to a student in times of COVID-19?

send money to a student
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Novel pandemic Corona virus is still looming large in the lives of all staying far and near. But the epidemic could hardly shun the bare necessities of life that always hover all around us, specially for the ones who are away from their natives lands. Worst effected are the students studying abroad. Many students including our friends have moved to foreign cities in pursuit of higher education and careers, hardly expecting the impending strike of the pandemic.

Now the question arises can we send money to a student at this time of covid-19. Of course the answer is always positive. Start looking for a reliable and authenticated support of an institution which should be

  • Have an authorised licence from Reserve Bank of India
  • Such institutions give the reliable rates as they are accountable to the regulators
  • They have transparent and dependable process and simple documentation

What is the cost to send money to a student studying abroad?

Send money to overseas depends upon some conditions such as

  • IBR + nominal charges based on the volume of requirement.
  • Rates of Foreign exchange in the marketplace
  • A meagre services charges incurred by the company which often varies due to the company’s expertise and proficiency in serving the same.

There are cheques and drafts why should I rely on send money abroad option?

Send money abroad option is cost effective and safer mode of transfer. Within short span of time the transactions gets processed and gets credited to the beneficiary account. You can enjoy faster and hassle- free remittances with send money abroad option. The SWIFT/Wire/Internet transfer is time saving process, through which Internet/ SWIFT message flies across the globe and the remittance gets credited to the beneficiary account without much manual interference.

Is this mode, send money to a student studying abroad of remittance popular?

Yes, send money abroad being the easiest option has become one of the popular modes’ remittance being sent from India to countries like Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Ukraine, Russia, UAE US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Best means to send money overseas is through Swift or as FCDD. Swift is the electronic method of transferring funds directly to the person/ beneficiary’s bank account. FCDD or Foreign Currency Demand Draft is an instrument in the form of physical paper that can be taken along with you or sent through post to the concerned beneficiary residing overseas.