Did your international travel card get stolen or lost abroad? What to do now?

International travel card
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Travelling abroad with an international travel card got many benefits such as convenience and cost-effectiveness. A forex travel card lets you store the foreign currency in a card and use it at ATMs and POS’s abroad. The exchange rates you get for foreign currency in forex travel cards are near to the live exchange rates and thus inexpensive than buying forex in the form of cash from banks.

But however, if you lose your travel card overseas then you may lose access to your money temporarily for the time being. That is not an appropriate situation to be in particularly when you are abroad.

So, what to do when your forex travel card is stolen or lost overseas? Let’s have a look.


Things to do when your international travel card is stolen or lost abroad


1.Immediately connect with the forex travel card customer care

Connect with the travel card customer care thru phone or via Whats App (if Whats App service available). Intimate them about the loss of the travel card and ask for the further steps.

  1. Activate the spare card given alongside your International travel card

Generally, when you buy a travel card, there is a spare card is given alongside the forex travel card. You can use this spare card when the original travel card is lost. Activate this card and get the remaining funds from your lost card transferred to the spare one and start using it.

  1. Block the International travel card

Get the forex travel card blocked thru customer care so that nobody can ill use your card or withdraw funds from it.


  1. Login to your International travel card portal and check the balance amount in the card

When you lose your travel card or it get stolen, please crosscheck the balance in your forex travel card and check whether your funds are safe. In case of any differences immediately alert the forex travel card provider thru customer care.

5.Opt for emergency assistance feature if available with your international travel card service provider

Some travel card providers has emergency assistance feature during your urgencies. If you face any critical situations like this, you can make use of this feature.


Now leave your worries aside and travel around the world without any hesitations…