Do you have an international medical emergency!

international money transfer for medical emergency
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Do you have an international money transfer requirement for medical emergencies?

Unprecedented medical emergencies create havoc in our lives, no matter how small or big the ailment be! It creates further anxieties when your loved ones are in lands unknown and stricken with ailments. You are desperate to help them but miles away. In such instances, you tend to look at all possible ways to reach there or send your help to them no matter where you are. International money transfer for a medical emergency is a simple process, when learned in depth can be a great support to you and your loved ones, in times of dire necessity.

How to do international money transfer for medical emergencies?

International money transfer has 2 methods as prescribed by the regulatory bodies which could be listed as

To transfer money to the bank account of the overseas hospital!

  • Select an authorized dealer for international money transfer
  • Pick the recipient and make sure to provide precise details about the receiver along with the country and the right location.
  • Remitter or the sender is the patient who intends to undergo treatment abroad
  • Avoid all sorts of errors while sharing the credentials such as name account details etc. of the beneficiary.
  • Select the amount you need to send to the account
  • Make sure that the receiver submits exact particulars along with correct address proof.

To transfer money directly to a person!

  • Select an authorized dealer for money transfer
  • The beneficiary is the patient or overseas hospital to whom the amount is being remitted for the treatment.
  • Choose the beneficiary. Give all the valid information of him/her & the exact location details.
  • Select the desirable or necessary money to transfer
  • Pick the means of payment
  • Share the receiver’s address proof
  • Send the money without any hassle
What is the cost of international money transfer for medical emergencies?
  • Rates of Foreign exchange in the marketplace effect the rates to a great extent
  • A meager services charges incurred by the company which is different for each company according to their expertise and proficiency in serving the same.
  • IBR + nominal charges based on the volume of requirements.
Where to get reliable international money transfer services?

Reserve Bank India has given license to many financial institutions who are regularly audited by them, keeping them well versed in the latest changes in rates and guidelines and making them accountable to provide good rates. Hence always approach an authenticated service providers with an authorized license from the Reserve Bank of India.

Reaching overseas in times of need is often not possible, but you can always help them with your support from wherever you are. It is always handy to get updated about the international money transfer for medical treatment much before any such arises. Moreover, people’s foreign exchange rates are often fluctuating and change from time to time, hence it’s good to be updated with such valuable facts.