‘Fall vs Spring intake’- How to Choose the apt one?

fall intake vs spring intake
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“Which of the two intakes you should choose while applying to foreign universities?”

“Does applying during Fall have any advantages? Or is it just a notion?”

“What are the pros and cons of applying for any of these intakes?”

These are some of the typical questions that every aspiring student asks. The spring vs fall debate has been a subject of argument among the students.

It has been a subject of doubt and debate among many scholars across the globe, and it is a query that a ton of them have previously been enquired. It probably is on your mind too.

Let us first realise what the spring and the fall semesters are when they occur, and what they mean to you as a student. Most colleges have two admission intakes every year when they admit students into their corresponding classes and courses. However, some universities have admission intakes, mainstream of the academes go by the fall and spring semesters.

Fall semester commences in August and ends in December or early January whereas the spring semester begins in January and ends in early May.

Having discussed all this, let us come to the real question;

Fall or Spring? Which semester you have to apply for and why?

Below are the various facets which you need to investigate in order to find the semester for you.

  1. Programs in Fall & Spring

The primary thing you should investigate is, whether all colleges accept applications for both the seasons. Many of the significant universities do not have any admissions for the spring season. And it is not simple to tell which universities have a spring season and which don’t have. So, before you look to apply for a semester, you should first do a thorough study on your target universities and find out whether they admit students in that semester or not.

  1. Acceptance Rate for various programs in Fall & Spring Intakes

Since the class scopes are much larger for the fall intake, you have a much better chance of getting admitted to that semester than getting admitted for the spring season. If your profile is above the average while applying for the same, then the chances will be in your favour.

3. Courses in Fall & Spring Intakes

A noteworthy advantage of applying during the fall intake, is that there are a greater number of courses on offer. Because the number of candidates is high during the fall season, and since the semester is also high, universities offer a lot of courses for the students when compared to the spring intake.

  1. Fall & Spring: Classes

Another significant factor you should ponder before you take a decision is, regarding the course offerings in fall and spring intakes, and what kind of courses you may miss if you apply for spring/fall.

5. Job Opportunities

Job fairs and campus recruitments habitually happens during the second year, which means you have to complete two semesters by then if you enrol the class for spring, and three semesters if you join the class for the fall intake. Those who have had spent three semesters inside the campus will help you have a much greater gain over those who have been there for just a year or so.


Temperatures often proves to be brutal. These fall and spring intakes will be happening in different weathers. So, pick the one according to your comfortability and convenience.

7.Fall vs Spring: Visa

There has been a rumour earlier that, it is easy to gain a student visa if you apply during the fall intake, and that there is a larger chance of your visa being banned if you apply for spring. There is undeniably no truth in this. Whether you will be allotted a visa or not utterly depends on you, your complete profile, and your college profile, and certainly not on when you choose to apply for your course.

Finalising the Fall/Spring Intake

So, these are the various points you should ponder on before thinking of which semester to apply for. And even after reading all these details, you might still be puzzled as to what intake you need to choose. It will take time to picking up the right one for you and it is okay. Only thing matter is to choose wisely!

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