France Offers Scholarships Exclusively for Indian Students

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Did you know that France actively seeks brilliant minds from India? The French government and institutions offer a wealth of exclusive scholarships designed to empower Indian students like you to pursue your academic dreams in the heart of Europe.

This is more than just a chance to earn a degree; it’s a gateway to cultural immersion, intellectual exploration, and personal growth in a vibrant nation renowned for its rich history, cutting-edge research, and delectable cuisine. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

In this guide, we’ll delve into the exciting world of these scholarships, unveiling their diverse offerings, eligibility criteria, and application tips. Whether you’re a budding scientist, a passionate artist, or an aspiring business leader, there’s a scholarship waiting to unlock your potential. Let’s begin your French academic adventure!

France offers various scholarships designed for Indian students, aiming to make studying in France more accessible and affordable. Here are some key points to know:


French Government Scholarships


French Government Scholarships are financial aid awards the French government offers international students who want to study in France. These scholarships are available for all levels of study, from undergraduate to doctoral degrees. They can cover various expenses, including tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs.

Many French Government Scholarships are available, with eligibility criteria and an application process. Some of the most popular scholarships include:


The Charpak scholarship program


The Charpak scholarship program offers several exciting opportunities for Indian students to pursue Overseas education in France. Here’s a breakdown of eligibility, application process, and different types of scholarships:


  • Indian national or OCI card holder.
  • The age varies depending on the specific Scholarship:

Bachelor’s: 23 years maximum

Master’s: 30 years maximum.

PhD and Exchange program: Not specified age limit.

  • To successfully pursue a program in France, you must fulfil its academic requirements.
  • Have an admission letter from a French institution (except the Exchange program).
  • French language proficiency is a plus (DELF/DALF certificates).

How to Apply:


  • Apply online through the official platform:
  • Specific deadlines apply for each Scholarship; check the official website for updates.
  • Required documents may differ slightly depending on the Scholarship: 
    • Passport-size photograph.
    • Passport copy (first and last page).
    • Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages).
    • Admission letter from a French institution.
    • Academic transcripts and certificates.
    • French language certificate (if available).
    • No objection certificate from an Indian university (for some scholarships).
    • Letter of recommendation (optional).

Types of Charpak Scholarships:

  • Charpak Bachelor Scholarship: Supports undergraduate studies in various fields.
  • Charpak Master Scholarship: Finances Master’s degrees in diverse disciplines.
  • Charpak Exchange Scholarship: Enables exchange semesters for students enrolled in partnered institutions.
  • Charpak Lab Scholarship: Assists in research internships or projects at French laboratories.
  • Raman Charpak Fellowship: For PhD research collaboration between Indian and French institutions.


Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program


The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program is a prestigious opportunity for Indian students to pursue Master’s or PhD degrees in France. Here’s a breakdown of its eligibility, application process, and critical details:


  • Indian national (including PIO card holders).
  • Age under 30 years for Master’s and under 35 years for PhD (exceptions may apply).
  • Excellent academic record in your previous studies.
  • Strong project proposal aligned with French research priorities.
  • French language proficiency is a plus.

How to Apply:

  • Applications are submitted by French higher education institutions, not directly by students.
  • Contact your desired French institute’s international relations department to express your interest and inquire about their Eiffel scholarship nomination process.
  • Deadlines typically fall in November-December.
  • Prepare a substantial dossier with academic transcripts, CV, language certificates, project proposal, and recommendation letters.

Key Points:

Additional notes:

  • Connecting with French institutions early is crucial to understand their nomination process and requirements.
  • Showcase your academic excellence and research potential in your application materials.
  • Practice your French language skills to enhance your candidacy.


French + Sciences Scholarship


The French + Sciences scholarship is a short-term program designed for Indian undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing science and technology disciplines who want to:


  • Improve their French language skills
  • Discover France’s scientific and innovative environment
  • Experience French culture


  • Be an Indian national currently enrolled in an Indian university in a scientific discipline.
  • Have a good level of English (at least B2)
  • Be an absolute beginner in French


  • The Scholarship covers living allowance, airfare, accommodation, cultural activities, and French language training.
  • Opportunity to visit different cities in France and participate in workshops, conferences, and visits to research institutions
  • Gain valuable experience and exposure to French science and technology.

How to Apply:


  • The application period usually opens in February
  • Applications are submitted online through the Campus France website
  • Selection is based on academic merit, language skills, and motivation

Additional Information:



The Erasmus + Mobility Scholarship


The Erasmus+ Mobility scholarship isn’t a specific program but a funding stream within the more extensive Erasmus+ program that supports student mobility across Europe. Any international student, including Indians, can be eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship depending on several factors.


What is the Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship?

  • It’s not a single scholarship but a funding pool within the Erasmus+ program.
  • Supports student mobility for: 
    • Studies: Spend 3-12 months at a partner university in a different European country.
    • Traineeships: Complete a 2-12 month internship at a European company or organization.


Who is eligible?


  • Students enrolled at a higher education institution participating in the Erasmus+ program (check with your institution).
  • Students from any non-EU country (including India) with a partnership agreement with the EU through Erasmus+.
  • Eligibility criteria vary based on home country, study level, and program.

What benefits are covered?

  • Financial support: Scholarship amounts vary depending on your home country, chosen destination, and living costs. It typically covers a portion of your travel and living expenses.
  • Additional benefits: Some programs offer extra support like language courses or insurance.

How to apply:


  • You don’t apply directly to the Erasmus+ program.
  • Apply through your home university that participates in Erasmus+.
  • Contact your international relations office for application deadlines and specific steps.




In conclusion, numerous scholarship programs are available for Indian students to pursue their academic aspirations in France. From prestigious awards like the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship to specialized options like the Charpak Scholarship for science and technology, there’s a scholarship to match your field of study and goals.

Remember, these scholarships come with different eligibility criteria, application processes, and deadlines. It’s crucial to:

  • Research thoroughly: Explore websites like Campus France India and embassy websites to understand specific requirements and deadlines.
  • Start early: Planning well in advance lets you gather the necessary documents and prepare robust applications.
  • Focus on your goals: Choose the Scholarship that best aligns with your academic aspirations and research interests.
  • Highlight your strengths: Showcase your academic excellence, language skills, and research potential in your application materials.

Don’t hesitate to contact the relevant resources and seek expert guidance to increase your chances of success. Studying in France can be a transformative experience; these scholarships open the door to that possibility. So, take the initiative, explore your options, and embark on your French academic adventure!

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