How can we send money from India via Unimoni?

send money from India
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As the number of residents is traveling to other countries the need to send money from India is also increasing. Hence the most haunting question that comes to our mind when our friends and relatives fly abroad and are in need of money is ‘How can we send money from India?’

The regulatory body of India Reserve Bank of India has given permission for Indian citizens to transfer funds abroad with ease through authorized dealers who have a license. There is some list of conditions and requisites that have been laid down through which you can remit money from India.

What are the documents required to send money from India?

  • Essential documents like original passport, valid ID/ VISA, etc.
  • Copy of the PAN for transaction above Rs.25000/-
  • Invoice copy of the transaction

What are the methods used to send money from India through Unimoni?

  • Visit the to get all the details on remit funds from India through Unimoni
  • Select the beneficiary and provide comprehensive, accurate details of him/her
  • Provide the right account details of the bank and decide the amount to be sent
  • Select the payment method which could be FCDD or TT
  • Give the receivers’ address proof and other valid information

Who are the reliable ones to get the service of remitting money from India?

  • A best and most reliable method to send money abroad is through authorized dealers who have the license from regulators like Reserve Bank of India for this facility
  • License holders are often found to be fast, reliable and trustworthy as they are accountable for your money to the regulators
What is the cost involved to remit funds from India?
  • Current Foreign currency exchange rates
  • A meager fee is availed by the company which often depends upon the company’s expertise and proficiency in serving the same.

Now remit money from India through Unimoni has become easier than before. Simple procedures, fast processing, transparent methods, and cheap options have made it a popular service among the people.