How to overcome your international emergencies with borderless prepaid card?

Border less prepaid card
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A borderless prepaid card is a prepaid forex travel card through which you can make payments abroad. It works like a debit card in collaboration with MasterCard. Traveling to different countries has become a necessity as well as a passion, exploring vivid cultures, different local cuisines, unspoiled geographies, and stunning landscapes. Travel calls for regular spend and some small bunch of notes are no match for your big expectations. Now you can go around the world cashless with this borderless prepaid card. Happiness cannot be measured with money but everlasting memories and you cannot give a second chance for your happiness at the expense of money. So do not curb your happiness or nor worry about your unprecedented emergencies, even on your international trip.

What are the emergencies in your foreign travel?

  • Students studying abroad want to make payment for your trivial expenses?
  • On a business, the trip took the sudden decision to make a local purchase!
  • Want to give an expensive gift to your friend that you discovered on your foreign trip
  • Got swiped-off by a pickpocket & now it’s an emergency in lands unknown
  • On a leisure trip abroad, a sudden mishap & in dire need for extra money
  • A sudden change of business meeting takes you another country & no time to exchange currency

Why should you carry a prepaid forex travel card on your foreign travel?

  • Combat forex conversion rates problem
  • Most economical, safest and smartest, way to carry foreign cash
  • Exchange foreign currency worldwide
  • Use it for online transactions, at ATMs and merchant outlets abroad
  • Options to load/reload Borderless prepaid card with major currencies as per requirement
  • It is pin protected and has configurable spending limits to avoid spendthrifts
  • You can fully replace the prepaid travel card in case it is stolen or lost.
  • It holds 9 currencies in one card without the need to carry different foreign currencies or an international travel card

Where the borderless prepaid card can be used?

You can make payments through

  • POS Machine at stores
  • Pay for online purchase,
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs

Which all currencies are available in the borderless prepaid card?

 USD – US Dollar

GBP – British Pound

EUR – Euro

AUD – Australian Dollar

CAD – Canadian Dollar

CHF – Swiss Frank

SGD – Singapore Dollar

JPY – Japanese Yen

AED – UAE Dirham

Get covered with a wide range of currencies across the globe.

Learn how to activate the card and re-generate the pin in case you forget it on your stay abroad. Travel the world with the best-prepaid forex travel card in your pocket. Get to know the secret of why people prefer the borderless prepaid card on their international trips.

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