How to pay my UK university fees from India?

UK university fees from India
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Are you worried about your pending UK university fees from India? 

Never heard of the easy procedures to send money to UK from India?

Don’t worry here is everything you need to know before remitting money abroad for your university fee payments. 

These days, majority of the Indian students are in abroad countries like UK, for pursuing their higher studies from renowned universities. This has necessitated the need for making university fee payments from India to UK at a larger number. While a student like you step out to remit money to a university in UK without proper knowledge, the entire money transfer process can become very exhausting for you. Hence, a prior knowledge about every aspect of the fund transfer is vital for a smooth money transition to your university. If you are a student lacking info about payments of UK university fees from India, then this blog is meant for you…

Whom to contact for a hassle free university fee payment?

AD I banks and authorized dealers with AD II or FFMC license from RBI are the trusted entities to pay your UK  university fees from India. Reaching out to others than these three may drag you to unwanted troubles and unsafe situations. So,always make sure to approach any authentic sources for risk-free university fee payments to UK                                                                                                                                                          

How to send money for paying your UK university fees from India?

  • As mentioned above, approach any of the authorized dealer near you for your overseas university fee payments
  • Check the current exchange rates before processing your transaction.
  • Provide the required KYC’s as instructed by the service provider for verification. Once verified, you can send money from India to UK 
  • Service provider will remit money to UK university after crediting required Indian
    rupees to their account.

What are the documents required for university fee payments from India?

  • Remitter PAN card
  • University offer letter
  • Duly signed A2 form
  • Student Passport

Mediums for making university fee payments from India to UK?

  • Wire Transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
  • Foreign Currency Demand Draft (DD)

Now get ready and make your fee payments without any hassles!!!


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