How to send money abroad?

How to Send Money Abroad?
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You might have various requirements to send money abroad to your loved ones for Education, Medical Treatment, Emigration, Employment, VISA fees and much more. Now its made all the more easy and simple so the you can send money without getting into the hassles of tiresome documentation or processing.

How can you send money abroad?

  • Best and most reliable method to send money abroad is through authorised dealers who have the license from regulators like Reserve Bank of India for this facility
  • Select the beneficiary and provide comprehensive, accurate details of him/her
  • Provide the right account details of the bank and decide the amount to be sent
  • Select the payment method
  • Give the transmitters address proof and information

What are the documents that you need for Sending money abroad?

  • Most important and mandatory document is your valid ID proof and PAN Card

What are different methods to send money abroad?

FCDD – Foreign Currency Demand Draft

  • Most reliable instrument to take money abroad to any part of the world.
  • Available in all exceedingly demanded currencies
  • Validity lasts for 3 months
  • Primarily used for Education, Employment purposes, Immigration, Visa fees, etc.
  • Payments can be done through Foreign Currency Demand Draft in foreign banks and get it cleared

TT (Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift

  • Only recommended electronic mode to transfer money as per Indian & Reserve Bank of India regulations
  • Guaranteed pace and security
  • Trouble-free and highly secured way to send money abroad
  • Almost worthwhile for every personal transactions under this method
  • You Can transfer money directly to the bank accounts abroad

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