How to send money from Punjab to Canada?

Send money from Punjab to Canada
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Are you all set to leave Punjab and migrate to Canada for your higher studies? Or are you in a plan to fly to Canada to up-bring your career? Or anyone of your family members or relatives are in Canada right now?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then send money from Punjab to Canada is gonna be your dare necessity very soon!!!

Recently, the travel arena is witnessing a big push in the outflow of people from Punjab to Canada and the reasons behind this are many.

Well, do you have any guess about the reasons behind this?

Canada immigration is one of the best in the world as it is full of better opportunities for employment and education as well as personal progress. It is indeed one of the best countries for those in search of a better quality of life and money. Hence this push for migration to Canada is common nowadays and it is obvious that people find Canada more attractive to have a colourful life with higher standards.

Most of the families in Punjab now have a direct or indirect connection to Canada and this made it a necessary to send money from Punjab to Canada more frequently.

By the way, what are the major purposes for which people send money from Punjab to Canada?

Scroll down for the answer…

Why people remit Money to Canada?

  • Private Visit / Business Visit / Medical Treatment
  • Education / Visa fees
  • Emigration / Employment / Film Shooting
  • Remittance by Tour Operators / Travel Agents to overseas agents/Hotel

How to send money from Punjab to Canada?

  • Select an authenticated dealer to for your transaction
  • Choose the recipient and provide comprehensive, accurate details of him/her
  • Provide the accurate account details of the bank and pick the amount to be sent
  • Pick the means of payment
  • Give the senders address proof and information


Steps to transfer money directly to a person

1: Select an authorised service provider to send money from Punjab to Canada
2: Choose the beneficiary and give all the valid and exact information of him/her.
3: Confirm the correct amount to be transferred
4: Select the mode of payment
5: Provide the address proof of receiver
6: Remit money to Canada

A brief of the entire process of remitting money from Punjab to Canada is given above. Now. whatever be your need is, stop hesitating and remit money without any hassles and delays …