How to send Remittance for medical treatment abroad?

medical treatment abroad
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Moved out to explore your dreams in other countries, but things come to a standstill when an unprecedented ailment strikes. Invariably the medical treatment abroad expenses are often high and with no support, you could get drowned in heavy debts. Ever thought about the people moved abroad with aspirations for prosperity, education, or any other purpose but falls sick and you want to support them at this time of dire necessity.

No matter where you are, you can share your support without giving any second thoughts about how, when, and where to do so?  Send remittance for medical treatment abroad has become simpler than earlier. Even the world around us and all its people really understand the necessity. But still, all services have some conditions prescribed by the authorities that really stands as a check against the misuses. Must-known facts that really matter when you want to send Remittance for medical treatment abroad as aligned for clear perception and better understanding.

What is the permitted limit to remittance for treatment abroad?

Regulatory authorities have set a permitted amount which stands as USD 250,000 for the financial year. Amount much above the set limits calls a cost estimate from a doctor or hospital in India or abroad. The rest will be taken care of by the able and well-versed financial institutions that you tend to rely on for your remittance services.

An escort or a person attending the patient can also remit up to USD 250, 000 per financial year.

Who will be the remitter or sender for medical treatment abroad?

Remitter is often the patient who intends to undergo treatment abroad. His name and all other essential details.

Who will be the beneficiary or receiver?

The beneficiary is the patient or overseas hospital to whom the amount is being remitted for the treatment.

What are the documents required for treatment abroad?
  • Letter from Overseas Hospital to prove the purpose of remittance
  • Visa Copy or Confirmed Air Ticket Copy
  • Indian Passport Copy
  • PAN Card Copy
What are the common modes of remittance abroad?
  • Foreign currency
  • Travelers check
  • Foreign currency demand draft
  • Swift or Telegraphic Transfer
Where to get remittance for medical treatment that is reliable?

Reserve Bank India has given license to many financial institutions who are regularly audited by them, keeping them well versed in the latest changes in rates and guidelines and making them accountable to provide good rates and services. Hence always approach an authenticated service providers with an authorized license from Reserve Bank of India for better services.

Rather than getting gloom when the necessity arises, it is often wise to learn and get more information about the remittance for medical treatment abroad services. It might sound a hassle but it is simpler than any other service that you might be involved in. Be smart to learn and gather information about such requirements as, life always stands with unprecedented challenges and hassles.