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“No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy.”- Brad Henry

Years back high craved ambition for almost all the youngsters were to go for study abroad from India and do some professional course in UK, USA, Australia and many other countries. Unfortunately proper guidance, finance and of course convincing your parents was the toughest part of all. Proper and reliable guidance for, small and big time queries about how to study abroad from India always lingered in the young minds, making them all the more prone to decline the whole idea.

Days are gone when we refer books and journal or visit offices to get information. How to study abroad from India is all the more simple, with information spread across the online forums at the most convenient manner. Next hurdle that catches your thought process in the money and its accessibility?  How to send money abroad from India for your study abroad. Let’s make it all the more simple and interesting for all, to just glimpse through the information and walk ahead confidently to your parent with all the requisite information in no time.

First question that you are going to face, is

do you think it is worth to study abroad?

Confidence is all that really matters. Any commercial institutions for that matter always honours the certificate of study abroad from India or anywhere else in the world. So be it a professional course or academic, you stand the chances of attaining the next leap with high priority.

Who will pay your bills for study abroad?

Most of the financial institutions offer educational loan at the most lucrative manner making it easier for the student to pay back in easy instalment once they are back with their job.

Where will you stay?

Ok that’s simple. Many universities have accommodation in their campus itself making it easier for you to have a comfortable stay while studying abroad.

Again, who will pay the utility bills?

No problem! Many universities have in-campus part-time jobs that helps you to meet your daily expenses without any hassle while your study abroad.

Your folks are sure to ask you about how you are going

to take care of yourself if you fall sick during your study abroad.

Guys! Medical outlays are often an expense in foreign countries. Vulnerability to any disease or unexpected accidents stand the chance to ruin the entire financial budget. Hence take health insurance before boarding for study abroad from India.

Now in case of emergency how do we send money abroad from India?

Play smart and brag that there are a big list of options which are like FCDD and SWIFT transfers

How to send money abroad from India for your study abroad expenses?

You can send money abroad through bank, money transfer companies, non-banking financial companies, foreign exchange brokers etc.

What will be the charges and formalities for send money abroad from India?

Foreign exchange rates do fluctuate but you can always have it checked before making your transaction for send money abroad from India. Take an extra mile by commenting that we have to ensure that the company is an authorized dealer of foreign currency, as the market is highly infested with fake dealers. To be extra cautious, keep those receipts of send money abroad from India at your disposal for showing in case anything goes wrong.

Do your homework in send money abroad from India?

If your still having a hiccup in approaching your folks with this financial part then perfect method is do a little homework. Visit any of the nearest foreign exchange houses and get all the details which would be easily available in the form of brochures and pamphlets. They will also educate you about prepaid card