Spring Intake 2021, all you need to know!

spring intake
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Waiting with your bated breaths for the Spring Intake?

Then, it’s the time!!!

The Spring Intake is all set to roll from January 2021 to May 2021 and most of the foreign universities are already commenced their admission process for the sessions!

Did you apply for the same?!

While you prep yourself to pursue your higher studies abroad, you might come across the question that to ‘which Intake you are planning to apply’?

Since many of the abroad universities divided their training sessions into Fall and Spring Intakes, it’s a bit baffling question that which one to choose. The Fall Intake usually begins from August to December and the Spring from January to May. And most of the time, pupils choose the sessions according to their convenience.

Well, if you want to start your course now, then you are probably going to end up with the Spring sessions, as it is on the verge of kicking off now!

Ever wondered why there is two diverse Intakes rather than one?

The reasons are;

  • Firstly, it is a herculean task to accommodate too many scholars in a single semester. Most international universities receive thousands of submissions every year, so apparently it is quite a task to admit so many students at a time. That is why these Intake separations are in place.
  • Secondly, there could be countless reasons why many students do not have the choice to apply for the Fall season. Which is why universities accept those who couldn’t apply all through the Fall season. Numerically more students apply for the Fall Intake, and subsequently, the class sizes are bigger for the Fall semester.

Things to keep in mind while remitting money for your Spring Intake

  1. Money transfer from India can only be done thru banks or authorised dealers, who possess an AD-II license from regulators like Reserve Bank of India. So, approach only authorised service providers for remitting money for your Spring Intake.
  2. As per the latest guidelines, the total amount of transactions abroad in a financial year must not surpass $250,000 for educational purposes.
  3. For remitting money abroad for Spring Intake, you can either send money under the Reserve Bank of India permitted category of ‘maintenance of close relatives’ or under the ‘education’ category
  4. For remitting money directly to universities, you can only remit thru Reserve Bank of India approved category of ‘Education’
  5. Transactions for money transfers must come from a savings bank account and it can be remitted via NEFT/RTGS or cheque.

Which is the Spring Intake time in various countries?

  • USA – January
  • France – January
  • Ireland – February
  • Switzerland – February
  • Spain – February
  • Sweden – January
  • Finland – January
  • China – January
  • Ukraine – January

Now, your long wait is over and the countdown for enrolling to your favourite university for the Spring Intake has already begun. So, confirm your seats now and take the flight to fulfil your dreams!!!


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