Ways to send money abroad for medical purposes!

send money abroad for medical
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In times of diseases and pandemic hovering all across the world, it is never too safe anywhere! Neither it is possible to bring all our loved ones back home, shattering their aspirations and desires. But you can always be there when there is a significant necessity. All our predictions get thwarted with the strike of medical emergencies. Be it a student, a professional, or a housewife, diseases hardly evade anybody. At such a time of weakness, people tend to look back home for support. Even recent pandemic has recorded several such instances which were mitigated with utmost bravery. Once your close ones are abroad and you want to send money abroad for medical purposes, you tend to look all over to find ways to meet their needs in the fastest pace. Rather than running around, just check here and get updated about the easy options that can be used without any hassle.

Do you want to send money abroad to the bank account of your friends?

Simple send money abroad options that could be easily used are FCDD and SWIFT transfer

Foreign Currency Demand Draft / FCDD is a simple method to take money for overseas education to any other part of the world. A paper instrument in the form of a demand draft can be submitted to foreign banks and get the credit through the clearing process. Almost all the demanded currencies can be taken as FCDD. This draft is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

How much money can be taken as FCDD?

  • Send up to 1 lakh dollar in a year under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme as per RBI guidelines
  • Transfer up to 2.50 lakh dollars in a year for medical treatment.
  • More amounts could be remitted on producing the valued documents from renowned sources for e.g. a hospital fund estimate.

TT (Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift Transfer is an electronic method of sending money overseas to be credited to the beneficiary’s account. It guaranteed speed in the remittance process and perfect security for your money.

How much money can be sent as TT?

  • Send up to 250,000 dollars in a year
Things to be taken care of while sending money abroad!
  • Each service rendered has a stipulated time and rates involved with it, which might differ from institution to institution. Outward remittance is recommended to avail from an RBI licensed holder who gives good rates with transparent procedures.
  • If you are transferring money for the first time then it’s always advisable to take advice from an expert who can make you confident and secured in opting the best and reliable services
  • It is always safe to rely on a regulator recommended, licensed authenticated forex service provider to avail for send money abroad.
  • Exchange rates often are susceptible to changing geo-political scenario and market trends, hence you cannot expect the same rate all the time. It would really be handy to explore a little more about the forex services due to availing it.

Send money abroad for medical purposes is a hassle-free option, through which you can send the money directly to the hospital’s bank account. This makes it easier for the patient to leave all his worries about the hassle of payment. While you make the payment even when staying at your home. It is really as simple as it sounds.