What are reasons to remit money?

reasons to remit money
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Now money transfer anywhere across the world is not a matter to worry about. It is much easier than it sounds. No matter where in the world your friends and relatives are, you can easily reach out to them. Did you know that there are 1000+ transactions made each day across the globe? For those who, remit money is a new experience, it might be questioned as to ‘What are reasons to remit money?’ Delivering promises, sending love, reaching out with care in sickness, sharing a gift, booking a tour package, etc. are just some common phrases that really makes big difference in lives.

What are the reasons to remit money abroad?

  • You want to pay your overseas University Fee
  • You want to do an international money transfer from Cochin to a sick friend for treatment
  • Your immigration process might call for sending funds to the overseas consultant
  • A new job might call for an international money transfer from Cochin for employment security or processing fee
  • Sponsor a Film Shooting that is happening abroad
  • Being a tour operator you want to make an overseas Hotel reservation for your clients
  • You want to attend a global conference and specialized training hence want to pay the participation fee
  • International money transfer from Cochin for participation in international events/competitions
  • Remittance under educational tie-up arrangement with universities abroad
  • Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad
  • Skills/Credential assessment fees for intending migrants
  • Make international payment for Visa processing to overseas agencies
  • Processing fees for registration of documents as required by the Governments for specified countries
  • Registration/Subscription/Membership fees to International Organizations.

Reasons to remit money abroad might be many through simple ways as FCDD or Swift transfers. The best means to send money overseas is through Swift or FCDD. Swift is the electronic method of transferring funds directly to the person/ beneficiary’s bank account. FCDD or Foreign Currency Demand Draft is an instrument in the form of physical paper that can be taken along with you or sent through post to the concerned beneficiary residing overseas. Every transaction that deals with money are often made with utmost care hence it is most reliable to send money overseas only through authorized channels that have their license with the Reserve Bank of India.

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