What is foreign outward remittance transfer?

foreign outward remittance transfer
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As the name suggests, foreign outward remittance transfer refers to sending money to foreign locations from the home country. This procedure is governed by many regulations. Since the year 2000, remittances have played an increasingly large role within the economies of small and developing countries. Many necessities have cropped up with recent development in geopolitical and ecosystem of societies due to which people tend to hive-off to various countries seeking a job, education, relocation, business, medication, and much more due to which the requirement for outward remittance have considerably risen in the past few years. Now it has almost become a common affair.

What are things to note before seeking foreign outward remittance transfer services?

  • Best and most reliable for outward remittance is through authorized dealers who have the license from regulators like Reserve Bank of India for this facility
  • License holders are often found to be fast, reliable and trustworthy as they are accountable for your money to the regulators
  • Rates with such financial service providers are often competitive and reliable
  • Check the current rates before going to avail outward remittance

What are the purposes of foreign remittance transfer?

  • Business Visit
  • Education
  • Medical Treatment
  • Emigration
  • Employment
  • Film Shooting
  • Personal visit
  • Remittance by Tour Operators/Travel Agents to overseas agents/Hotels
  • Fee for participation in the global conference and specialized training
  • Remittance for participation in international events/competitions
  • Disbursement of crew wages
  • Remittance under educational traffic jam arrangement with universities abroad
  • Remittance towards fees for examinations held in India and abroad and additional score sheets for GRE, TOEFL etc.
  • Skills/Credential assessment fees for intending migrants
  • Visa fees
  • Processing fees for registration of documents PRN by the Governments
  • Registration/Subscription/Membership fees to International Organizations.
What are the documents required for outward remittance transfer?
  • A university offer letter is mandatory for doing education purposes.
How much exchange is available for studies outside India?
  • As per LRS, a student is permitted to do USD 250000/financial year

Recent years have witnessed a steady increase in demand for outward remittances for studies abroad. Overseas students mostly adopt these services as their first priority as it’s safe and easy to be availed.

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