International money transfer for family maintenance!

international money transfer for family maintenance
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In an age of ambition and passion for higher living is becoming trending, a higher influx is found among nations to move out of their hometown. A family settled in foreign lands often turn to their native relations in times of fire necessity. International money transfer for family maintenance is catching-up fast among many nations. No matter what the need is, you can easily do international money transfer for family maintenance from wherever you are.

Why international money transfer for family maintenance is gaining up?

  • To buy a house or make second home mortgage payments abroad
  • Fund student fees studying abroad
  • Pay for utility or maintenance for your house while you are away
  • Financial support for family members
  • Payment of current bills like maintenance, student loan, etc.

How can I send money to my family?

FCDD – Foreign Currency Demand Draft

  • The most reliable instrument to take money abroad to any part of the world international money transfer for family maintenance.
  • Available in all exceedingly demanded currencies
  • Validity lasts for 3 months
  • Payments can be done through Foreign Currency Demand Draft in foreign banks and get it cleared

TT (Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift

  • Only recommended electronic mode to transfer money as per Indian & Reserve Bank of India regulations
  • Guaranteed pace and security
  • Trouble-free and highly secured way to do international money transfer
  • Almost worthwhile for every personal transaction under this method
  • You Can transfer money directly to the bank accounts abroad

What is the cost of overseas money transfer for family maintenance?

Send money overseas depends upon some conditions such as

  • Rates of Foreign exchange in the marketplace
  • A meager services charges incurred by the company often varies due to the company’s expertise and proficiency in serving the same.
What are the things to be taken care of while international money transfer?
  • Give the details of the receiver like name, purpose …
  • Confirm the receipt of the amount by the beneficiary overseas
  • Keep all the receipts secured for future reference
How to transfer money directly to a person!
  • Select an authorized dealer for international money transfer
  • Choose the beneficiary. Give all the valid information of him/her & the exact location details.
  • Select the desirable or necessary money to transfer
  • Pick the means of payment
  • Share the receiver’s address proof
  • Send the money without any hassle

The easiest way to reach your family in times of dire necessity

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