Why use foreign currency travel card for your international trips?

foreign currency travel card
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The smartest and most practiced mode of carrying foreign currency is in the form of a Forex travel card. At the strike of a communicable disease that is hovering all around us, it is most essential to make use of contactless payment instruments. The prepaid multicurrency card is ideal with such facilities to make payment at ease. Most secured travel cards available in the market through easy processing steps. Instant card loading and reloading facility are available in the card which can load up to 9 currencies.

Know all about the travel cards?

  • Worldwide acceptance in Merchant locations and ATM’s
  • Multi-Currency acceptance
  • Exchange rate lock facility with stable value for your currency
  • Highest level of security embedded with Microchip
  • Travel Card can be loaded with 9 currencies which are AED / UAE Dirham, AUD / Australian Dollar, CAD / Canadian Dollar, CHF / Swiss Franc, EUR / Euro, GBP / British Pound, JPY / Japanese Yen, SGD / Singapore Dollar and USD / US Dollar.
  • It has the facility to exchange the balance currencies to INR/local currencies.
  • Travel Card enables cash withdrawal from over 2 million VISA powered ATM’s.
  • Travel Currency Cards specially made for the customers are easily available

What is essential information about a foreign currency travel card?

  • Valid for 5 years
  • Free PIN/balance enquiry through Net Banking
  • Statement of card account can be viewed through Net Banking
  • Secured internet purchase through VISA card platform

Now make your travel most comfortable and luxurious with the help of travel cards and do maximum shopping while you are abroad on holiday with a highly secured travel card.  A forex travel card is prepaid or preloaded giving you access to money even in foreign lands. You can load multiple currencies depending upon the country that you are traveling to. It is just like your debit card, giving all the options of withdrawal and payments through swiping. Use it to know more about its convenience and travel smartly.


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