Did you know that you can send money to Nepal?

send money to Nepal
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Now that might sound alarming. You can send money to Nepal without even having an account. The most haunting question that comes to your mind when you have your loved ones abroad in need of money, ‘Can we send money to Nepal?’ The regulatory body of India, Reserve Bank of India has given permission for Indian citizens to send money abroad with ease through authorized dealers who have a license. The most essential list of conditions and requisites that have been laid down through which you can send money from India.

How do I send money to Nepal through PMT?

Main points to do while sending money through Prabhu Money Transfer.

  1. Visit any Unimoni branch
  2. Fill the Declaration & cash send form
  3. The beneficiary name must be spelled correctly
  4. Hand over the amount along with the transfer charges.
  5. Get the unique 16 digit number to share with the beneficiary.

What are KYC documents required?

Both by cash and online transaction. Online transactions, it will take at least 24hrs to credit the amount to the Beneficiary Account.

  • Sender on approaching the branch
    • An Indian Remitter – Driving license or Aadhar
    • Remitter being a Nepal citizen – Passport & citizenship card
  • The receiver to receive the amount should produce
    • Valid id proof & 16 digit pin sent by the remitter
    • Indian sender should submit a passport copy

Where can my relative collect the amount from?

Prabhu Money Transfer is a leading remittance company registered in Nepal with a strong pay-out network across Nepal. It also has a large diversified network connecting Nepal and facilitating fast, convenient, secure, and affordable money transfer solutions from Unimoni India. You can send money to Nepal direct as cash or to the bank account of the receiver.

  • Cash payment through PMT/ Prabhu Money Transfer outlet
  • Bank transfers to the concerned bank where the receiver is having the account
How much money can I send to Nepal?
  • Yearly 12 transactions can be done for a maximum amount of INR 50,000/-
  • Transaction limit of Rs.50, 000/- per month per transaction.
What are the purposes for which I can send money to Nepal?
  • Permissible 2 main purposes for Money Transfer to Nepal is for Family maintenance / Travel & Tour

Make the best use of the opportunity to send money to your loved ones without any hassle.