Need Cash Quick? Know How to Get Cash in an Emergency

Gold Loan
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The only thing that is constant in life is change, the popular saying goes. There are times when we can be in quick need of cash and raising money to face such an emergency can be quite a daunting prospect. Loans from friends and family may not be feasible in many cases. It is best to know your options to be able to come up with the requisite cash in such a scenario –

• Cash Withdrawal Through Credit Card 

Most credit cards offer a cash withdrawal option. This is usually defined as a percentage of your credit limit. Cash withdrawals through credit card are similar to credit card spends and the repayment date is usually your bill due date. These may, however, be converted into EMI repayments but the interest rates may be steep.

• Personal Loan 

Most banks offer personal loans these days. In an emergency, you can readily approach a bank, preferably one you have a relationship with, and apply for a loan by furnishing proof of your identity, address, and income. The charges and interest rates on personal loans, however, are also high. It helps to have a high credit score.

• Loan Against Gold 

The one asset Indians can readily dip into in times of emergency is gold. Unimoni is one of the best gold loan companies in India and we expedite the loan process in cases of emergency. Gold loans offer easy repayment terms in comparison to other kinds of loans. The gold remains secure and you can redeem your assets by paying off the loan and interest in easy equated monthly instalments. Gold loans are a very popular way to raise cash in India.

• Loan Against Equity Shares

If you invest in equity shares and have built up a considerable portfolio, it is possible to raise a loan against these investments without having to sell them. Most of the public and private sector banks provide loans against equity and these are easily obtained in an emergency. In this case, the equity shares are your assets that are pledged against the loan.

• Partial Withdrawal From PPF Account

PPF is a popular investment option. If you are in an emergency and require cash, you may make a partial withdrawal from your PPF account. The withdrawal facility is, however, available only after completion of 5 years from the account opening date. Also, a maximum of 50 percent of your account balance can be withdrawn at this time.

• Loan Against Life Insurance Policy

One of the greatest advantages of investing in a life insurance policy is that a loan can be obtained on an active policy, against its surrender value. This means that if your life insurance policy has acquired surrender value, you may be eligible for the loan. The rate of interest charged in this case is relatively low and you will not need to provide any additional security or ask anyone to become a guarantor for your loan repayment.

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