Why 10 million are obsessed with domestic money transfer?

domestic money transfer
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Chasing your daily job or other responsible errands could hardly give you enough time to attend to other responsibilities. Hassles pile up specially when you are in some distant place, far away from your hometown. Though it sounds nothing like a new story. But when it comes to reaching out to your family in times of their necessity your forehead tends to wrinkle, wondering how to be there when they really need. Life may not be easy, but innovation empowers you with easier options like domestic money transfer services.

Why do I need domestic money transfer?

  • Send money to your son studying JNU New Delhi to his account
    Pay for the goods you received through a transporter from Mumbai
    Pay the wages of your housemaid
    Send money for the sudden hospital expense of your mother
    Monthly Household expense

Take this time to bond with your family, friends, and help in time of need with a simple domestic money transfer service.

How does the domestic money transfer work?
  •  Visit any of the branches
     Share your address, name, mobile number for validating through OTP
     Register the receiver’s details with Bank Account details
     Please carry your PAN card if you have.
     Submit your cash to any branch to be transferred to the receiver’s account
     Send through the mobile app by loading the amount to the receiver’s account
     Instant transaction confirmation through SMS

How safe it is to send through Domestic money transfer?

 Not linked to your bank account and hence stands no chance of misuse in any manner
 No account transfer from your side
 You can use it anytime as per your necessity, well secured

How domestic money transfer service is good for me?

 Send or receive money across India, round the clock
 Remit money to any banks instantaneously at the non-banking hours
 Minimum documentation
 Lowest transaction fees and convenient to use
 24×7 instant top-up facility
 A cost-effective and convenient mode

Pay the bills and load money to your loved one’s account like never before. You can transfer funds to anywhere within the country in no time without using your bank account. Load and transfer money to the bank account and also through the mobile app. In Domestic money transfer, you can transfer through the National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) and immediately Payment Service (IMPS) technology to the receiver’s
account within the Country. Domestic money transfer is relatively safe and cheaper than any other service.

Experience the innovation adding smarter convenience to your lives and that of your loved ones.

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